Kalmbach Präszisionsdruckguss
Druckguss Kalmbach

Enhanced presence
with a bouquet of glossy colors

Unwavering corrosion protection, enhanced resistance to wear, and decorative use all place additional demands in terms of surface treatment and finishing. With powder coating or painting using RAL shades, as well as an extensive number of galvanized surfaces, the products are lent an exceptional finish and leave a lasting impression. Die-cast parts with superior surfaces and finishes – something we specialize in.

unfinished part
Tumble polished
Ground, polished
Ground, polishedcopper plated
Ground, polishedsatin chrome
Ground, polishedbrushed stainless steel finished
Ground, polishedpoished chrome
Ground, polishedsatin nickel
Ground, polishedbrushed, satin nickel
Ground, polishedmetallic powder coating
Ground, polishedpowder coating as per RAL
Ground, polishedpowder coating, textured
Ground, polishedwet coating, metallic, textured
Ground, polishedwet coating as per RAL
Ground, polishedwet coating, soft finished