Kalmbach Präszisionsdruckguss
Druckguss Kalmbach
Druckgiesserei Kalmbach in Velbert

Development shapes success

4-axis machining center and CNC milling machine of the latest generation for mechanical machining and mold making

Frech DAK 250 - new cold-chamber aluminum die casting machine as fully automated casting cell

Investment in new machines for mechanical processing and mold making,for example 4-axis machining centers, 5-axis milling machine, wire and start-hole erosion machine from leading manufacturers.Large blasting unit for aluminum parts with faster and non-contact flow.

Celebrating 50 years in existence
New 4-axis machining system along with an automated, rotary indexing processing unit


Took occupancy of and started operations in the new production hall for aluminum die casting; expansion to ten fully automated aluminum die-casting cells; additional shaft smelting furnace; enlargement and expansion of the departments for machining, assembly, quality control and shipping

Acquisition of the neighboring property and new construction of a 2,000 square meter production hall for aluminum die casting
Expansion of the mold warehouse and procurement of a new and larger ultrasound mold cleaning system with its peripheral equipment

Replacement and investment in ten new zinc die-casting machines to achieve a total of 20 such machines, all made by Frech

Complete restructuring of the vibratory grinding department, including two new, fully automated, through-feed vibrators made by the Spaleck Company – a milestone for this technology

Redesign of the mold and tool department in its own, new building, along with further expansion for aluminum die-casting operations on six cold-chamber die-casting machines

Expansion of the aluminum die-casting operations to four cold-chamber die-casting machines

New aluminum die casting department established, with two new cold-chamber die-casting machines made by Frech

Expansion of production floor space from 3,300 m² to 6,500 m²

Occupancy of the new Precision Casting Technology Center and expansion to 14 zinc die-casting machines

Planning and construction of the new technology center at Eintrachtstrasse 96 in Velbert; production on ten zinc die-casting machines built by Frech

Expansion of the sales network in the states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria

Company sets up its own tool and mold shop

Thomas Kalmbach joins the firm; precision die casting operations are expanded

First orders from the automotive industry set new standards and dictate expansion to five die-casting machines

Relocation to the Velbert-Röbbeck industrial park and expansion with two additional zinc die-casting machines

Expansion of the “REIKA Blitzschutztechnik” sector, active in lighting protection, on the Bahnhofstrasse in Velbert

Founding by Reinhold Kalmbach in premises on the Sontumerstrasse in Velbert