Kalmbach Präszisionsdruckguss
Druckguss Kalmbach

Synergies and expertise

The Kalmbach Gusstechnologie GmbH, assuming a project management role, controls central planning, distribution, marketing, purchasing and sales. The spectrum of innovative solutions ranges from aluminum to zinc and offers intense manufacturing depth, including all the needed processes and techniques. We develop the initial idea and carry out the manufacture of complete, finished and assembled final products in processes designed for reliability. We are flexible and economical, creative and quality-conscious. Planning and manufacturing parts and components require both expertise and flexibility. Thanks to our years of experience with complex projects, we are also widely familiar with procurement and manufacturing, and can satisfy almost every requirement. The use of existing synergies and cooperation with a number of companies guarantee ideal solutions using the best of materials and the finest die casting, machining and finishing procedures.

Kalmbach casting technology