Kalmbach Präszisionsdruckguss
Druckguss Kalmbach
Druckgiesserei Kalmbach in Velbert


Adress: Kalmbach GmbH
Eintrachtstraße 96
42551 Velbert
Area of activity: Precision die casting in aluminum and zinc
Contact data: Phone: 02051 / 28 68 - 0
Fax: 02051 / 28 68 - 15
E-mail: info(at)kalmbach.de
Internet: www.kalmbach.de
Executives: Thomas Kalmbach, Michael Teufel
Staff: ca. 100
Production floor space 8.500 m²
Organization and administration: 1.500 m²
Machining: CNC machining centers,
Die-sink and wire-cut EDM machines,
Automated drill presses,
Zinc die casting: 20 CNC liquid-charged, hot-chamber, die-casting machines,
in some cases fitted with industrial robots,
240 kN to 2,200 kN clamping power,
Cast parts from 1 g to 3,500 g in weight,
Zinc alloys: Z410, Z430
Aluminum die casting: 10 CNC, liquid-charged, cold-chamber, die-casting machines,
2,500 kN to 8,800 kN clamping power,

Cast parts from 10 g to 9,500 g in weight,
Aluminum alloys: 226D, 231D, 239D, 349D